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Social Media Day

It seems as though in the twenty-first century, every day of the calendar has a designation, and at the outset, Social Media Day seems like another frivolous holiday – a generic day for people and corporations to throw a hashtag onto. However, The Duke of Ed recognizes that we are living in a globalized era, and we are lucky enough to bear witness to the digital revolution occurring right before our eyes. In 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day to celebrate the impact that social media has had on communication, as it offers a variety of options for the entire world to see.

Social media is therefore, in its essence, a platform to communicate. Through communication, we can begin a dialogue through which we are able to build a global community where millions of diverse voices can be seen, and heard. Social media has given voice to those who may otherwise have been silenced. It gives us insight into the mind of the ‘other.’ It helps us take a walk in their shoes. Participants at The Duke of Ed are using social media in a multitude of ways to showcase their adventures, their adversaries and their triumphs. Our Instagram is awash with images of nature, entertainment, and beaming award earners, proudly displaying their medals. Our Twitter, Facebook and website share posts that encourage and educate our participants throughout their journeys. So, frivolous or not, Social Media Day is a great way to listen, read and learn with us as we carry forth in our pursuit of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.


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