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In the presence of greatness

At camp Cedarwood, we were in the presence of greatness. 

On our second night at LEAD, we had our Duke of Ed talent show, and the night more than lived up to its name.

Our Duke of Ed campers exceeded expectations - beginning with an opening Monty Python sketch from the hilarious Cedarwood staff, and drawing to a conclusion with a dance party headed by our very own LEAD staff, dressed to the nines in YMCA attire.

We heard beautiful songs sung with beautiful voices, amazing piano and guitar arrangements, witnessed dances, back flips, rap battles and even learned a little bit of sign language!

Overall, the night was a blast, and our campers and staff were brought closer together thanks to the open hearts of everyone in a collective sharing of talent. There were a few tears shed out of shear joy and happiness. 

Nights like these are why we do this.

Check out our our talent night video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more of our exciting adventures!


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