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Building a community in a new country.

Did you know that there are more displaced people in the world than there are Canadians? In 2015 alone, 51% of the displaced population were children under the age of 18. That’s 98, 400 kids without a place to call home. World Refugee day is a reminder of the isolation, hopelessness and fear many displaced people face when coming to a new country. Although she is not a refugee, moving from Mauritius to Canada at the age of 14 caused Gold Award Holder Tracey to feel “isolated and lonely.” Finding out about The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, she says, “changed my life.” The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is about more than a medal. It is about building relationships, and creating a community rooted in compassion and generosity. “Thanks to the Award,” says Tracey, “I [have] an amazing story to tell.” With the Award, you can begin writing your story today.


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